September 26, 2015


It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. -Khalil Gibran

Did you know you can walk, run or bike to raise money for charity? There’s actually an app for it! It’s called Charity Miles. You wouldn’t believe my excitement when I found out about this little app. Turns out, they are doing something pretty amazing. For every mile you walk, run or bike, Charity Miles makes a donation to a philanthropic cause of your choice.

The phone uses its geolocation to track your distance. Walkers and runners earn 25 cents a mile and bikers earn 10 cents a mile.Β The money comes from corporations such as Humana, Johnson & Johnson, Timex, Kenneth Cole and a few others. They have over 100,000 activists walking, running and biking and have already raised over 1 million dollars for charity. That’s pretty special, isn’t it?

Now we all know that earning 25 cents a mile for charity isn’t exactly going to make a difference in someones life. But when everyone comes together, we make a huge impact. Not only are we raising money for charity but we are also raising awareness to the cause.

Not only can we do it for charity but we do it for ourselves, for our health. And I want you to do it with me! I started a team so that we can see how our miles add up as our network. It starts with you and everyone you know. Join the team! Just click here to download the app. Search for “hellosonshine” under TEAMS and join. Then, simply open the app when you’re ready to beginΒ your workout. Ask your friends and family to join you as well. Remember, walking around the city, shopping the malls, going for an evening stroll with the kids… it all counts to someone in need!


Photos by: Meredith Flynn

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    1. Just joined the team and went for a run today. Love this app so grateful that you made me aware of it. It’s amazing how you can give to others and to yourself at the same time! So exciting can’t wait to keep adding those miles thanks Hun!

      1. Isn’t it awesome? We need to share this app with everyone. & I need to get in my bike miles with you!

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