My birth story

September 7, 2015

Wednesday. May 13, 2015

For an entire week leading up to this day I kept getting false labor signs. I was so anxious and excited for this baby to be born already. At 38.5 weeks I was already 4 cm dilated and 90% effaced but still no contractions. It’s hard to wait for something you’ve been anticipating for 9 months. I was doing anything to naturally help move things along: walking around around the neighborhood (more like waddling though,) snacking on pineapples all day long, eating spicy food, drinking red raspberry leaf tea (all throughout my 2&3 trimesters,) doing the deed, even a couple yoga positions. Still nothing. One whole week later- 39 weeks and 5 days…

4:00 am. Contractions begin. I knew you were coming this day. The day before had been rainy while sunny. A superstition of mine since childhood. Have you ever seen it? The glittering rain falling from a sky full of light? It’s crazy beautiful. I’m having very strong contractions now every 2-3 minutes apart. At this point, I’m at the hospital waiting on my sweet babe to make his grand arrival.

6 am. Everyone needs a support team for childbirth. My mother is my angel who helps me with everything I need. I don’t need to ask her, she already knows. Brings me the ice chips, extra pillows, extra blankets, socks, my Bergamot and lavender essential oil and EOS lip balm. Everything a laboring mama needs, am I right? God bless that woman!

I also have my awesome friend, Susy, photographer at Stars and Strobes, who is photo documenting my birth story! With my first son, Roman’s birth I had my mom and step mom in charge of picture taking but unfortunately we lost the memory card to the camera afterwards and I never got to see one photo from that day except for what was taken on camera phones. Heartbreaking. So this time I made the decision to go with birth photography and I now have over 100 amazing photos from my second son, Raine’s birth that I will cherish forever! If there’s one photo shoot I ever recommend you do above the rest it’s BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY! I’ll share a few photos from this set at the end.

7 am. I told myself I would try my hardest to make it through without medication but- who was I kidding? The contractions were coming in hard and fast! I was able to get an epidural to relax for a couple of hours before the real fun began. No regrets. Now we are all laughing and telling stories and waiting to meet the birthday boy.

9:13 am Official birth time. Raine Maximus is born. He didn’t need much convincing to make his debut. I was lucky to have such a safe and smooth delivery, thank you God! I love him in every way, he is perfect; all 8 lbs and 9 oz of him. Pure bliss! Everyone is overjoyed and crying happy tears. Daddy is the first to cut the cord after delayed clamping. Grandma did the second cut. Cousin Mimi is already sharing the news to the rest of the family. And I CANNOT WAIT for my Roman to arrive and meet his new baby brother! For now, we are keeping warm with lots of skin to skin and breastfeeding like champs!

When Roman finally arrived, he was nervous at first to see strange faces (the nurses) and mommy in bed holding someone new. His face when he is being curious makes my mama heart melt. I’ll never forget the true moment of him in his feelings. Their meeting each other is probably one of the most profound memories I’ll keep in my heart. And having them both in my arms together for the first time was beyond any kind of love I’ve felt before. I still can’t believe I’m a mother of two!

The next 48 hours were easy. Because I had my dream team with me; Mom, Barb and sis, Nikki. They made sure we had fresh outside food for every meal and stayed all day with us. Roman was with us too but went home every night with grandma Barb.

I’m so grateful for everyone that played a part in bringing my baby Raine into this world. But most importantly that my body was able to trust in the natural process and respond well so that he is in good health and spirit on his day. He is surrounded by so much love already. We couldn’t wait to start life with you, baby boy! Mama & Papa are over the moon and stars in love with you.


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