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December 21, 2015


I’m beyond excited to announce that I’m officially named Hello Sonshine Photography! This may not seem like a surprise at first, since most of you know that I’ve been working for little over a year now. But some things have changed. For starters, I really only started doing this as a hobby because I just love photography. All the elements of taking a photo are special to me. It’s about the energy, the light and most importantly, the story. At first, I did lots of “free” work. I had the honor to document some very special moments for close friends of mine. But I quickly realized how much work goes into doing a session. And I figured if I really want to pursue a career in photography, I’ve got to value my work, my time and my creativity.

Last year I had the idea of Roman Image photography. It was the beginning of my new found love. I wanted it to be special. But I couldn’t dedicate too much of my time or energy for that matter, being pregnant and taking care of a toddler. Now I have to care for two munchkins but I’m determined to create something magical from all this. I chose the name Hello Sonshine for several reasons that are close to my heart. Everything I’m doing now is filled with so much love and in hopes of making my children proud of their mother. A new year is on the way and the possibilities are endless!

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    1. Congratulations love there’s no doubt in my mind you’re gonna be successful in this new endeavor. The dedication you input to capture all these special moments and create something wonderful for one to cherish is amazing. You can feel and see the love in every image. Congrats again I’m elated for you and your boys are lucky to have one great mama?

      1. Just the sweetest words ever, mama! Thank you so much. You’re always so supportive and I’ll cherish our friendship forever! Xo Love you tons!!

      1. Just seen this now! Thank you for your words, my friend. I truly appreciate it! <3

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