Don’t grow up yet

September 10, 2015

Summer is almost over and Roman’s birthday is drawing near. I’ve got mixed feelings about this! On one hand, I’m happy to be celebrating that big day with my boy. On the other hand, I’m emotional that my first born is almost a two-year old! How does this happen so fast? One day they are drooling, babbling babies and the next you’re planning for their second birthday. It’s bittersweet, really. He’s been quite the big kid these days, helping me around the house with his brother and doing more on his own each day. This toddler independence is pretty sweet and I’m thankful I get to share in these special moments of childhood. But why must they grow up so fast? I’m reminding myself to hold on tighter to these days, they will be gone before I know it. Oh summer, won’t you stay a little longer?

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    1. Motherhood is the most challenging rewarding role in life I feel and I’m so glad you’re sharing this wonderful journey with others. I can’t wait to read more more congrats on your wonderful beautiful blog!

      1. Thank you for your sweet words, Jazmine! They mean so much to me. LOVE & LIGHT, my friend! xo

    1. Mi querida “daughtershine”, tu eres unica y siempre lo seras. Sabes que te apoyo en todo lo que haces. Como tu dices, el tiempo pasa muy ligero, y aveces no nos damos cuenta de todo lo que nos pasa alrededor. Disfruta cada dia de la experiencia que la vida te regala. Y se feliz! …Miro atras, y todavia puedo ver la niñita juguetona que cruzaba la tablita: un, dos, tres! que no se moje, alli va, cruzando otra vez!!

      1. Gracias mamita. Mi reina! Siempre a mi lado, porque ademas de ser mi madre, has sabido ser mi amiga!! I love you!

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