Benefits of having babies close in age

April 8, 2017

When it comes to my children, I’ve seen and heard it all. Almost everywhere we go, people either stop us to smile and greet our little ones, or walk past us giving side-eye. It really doesn’t bother me that people do this, I mean, they’re freaking beautiful (although, I may be biased)! And some comment like, “You’ve got your hands full there,” or “Three babies? That’s crazy”! I get it. This isn’t for everyone. You’ve got to have endless patience, everlasting energy (which will likely be supplied by caffeine),  tough muscles to carry all your baby gear around, a strong stomach when things get messy, and definitely a huge heart to put the needs of others before your own. It is crazy. I’m exhausted most days. It’s always loud, messy, and chaotic in our home. But what some people don’t understand is that there are many great benefits to having all my children just a year and a half apart from each other. 

My oldest son, Roman is three and a half years old. My second son, Raine will be two years old now in May. And my youngest, baby girl, Ruby is just a fresh 5 months old. Now I won’t lie, it feels like I’ve been in the “baby-phase” for an eternity, but it really is such a sacred time. A time I won’t get back, when all my babies are still just babies, some in diapers, and some still needing me to help dress them. Speaking from my own experience, the main benefits are these:

I’m saving money by reusing most of our baby essentials. When it comes to clothes, we buy the minimum. The boys are able to share some things, and the rest is bought only when we really need the next size up or a special occasion. Things like car seats and strollers, have been reused and passed on to the next child over and over again. Don’t forget toys! This all stays in the loop until they are out of that toys age range. 

Raine & Roman driving their Mustang. 

The timing was just perfect. In my situation, it couldn’t have worked out better. Since they are all still too young to start school, this time I have to stay at home with them is a huge blessing. It wouldn’t have been so easy to take maternity leave three times over the course of four plus years. I have my whole life to work, so for now I’ll enjoy this special time in our lives.

Ruby Alma, 5 months old.

They’ll do everything together. From the moment I brought home my son Raine from the hospital, I knew immediately that he and his older brother would have an unbreakable bond. I’m witnessing it now again with our new baby, Ruby, the way they all learn from each other and have become best friends for it. I hope they’ll continue this way as they go through toddlerhood, schools, activities, college, and careers, all together. 

So much love.

Get your body back sooner. I’ve been breastfeeding consecutively for three and a half years. I’m blessed to have an abundant supply of liquid gold and I am very grateful for it, but I am so happy the end is near in sight! I’m happy I didn’t spend too many years of going back and forth being pregnant, raising the kid, losing the baby weight, then starting all over again. I can now focus on my long-term health goals knowing the baby making process might finally be over. 

Part 3 of my breastfeeding journey.

These are just a few benefits to having babies back to back, but every child, no matter when they come, are a blessing, and will bring an immense amount of love and joy to your life. 

How far apart are your children? What are your favorite things about it? I’d love to hear from you. 

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