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June 6, 2016

Hey everyone! A new post has been long over due around here. I can’t deny that life has been extremely busy. Being a mom of two and one more bun in the oven can definitely take a toll on you. I’m sure any momma can relate, really. We celebrated my youngest boy’s first birthday last month! That was the fastest year of my life, to be honest. There’s also lots of family events that have had me pretty busy. So any down time I have available, I’m spending it by relaxing at home with my loved ones and nothing more. There will be plenty of time for traveling and doing all the adventurous things in the world. But for now, we are blessed to be right here at home with each other, soaking up every minute of this season in our life. That being said, I thought up many bright and fresh ideas I want to bring to you very soon. I won’t reveal it now so you’ll just have to stay tuned.. Have a fabulous week. Oh, and I promise not to be gone for so long this time! XO



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