October 17, 2015


Pumpkin Patch Day

We are loving fall over here! The weather is still pretty toasty in the afternoons but gets cool and breezy in the evenings, which makes up for it. So yesterday I took the boys to a play dateย with our friends at the pumpkin patch. Iย took some photos of the kids, but with toddlers thats nearly impossible! Roman and his buddy Lucas were loving all the "puh-kins" and picking them up, rolling them around, and well you know, getting into trouble!โ€ฆ

Roman 2.0

Happy Birthday Roman! My baby is TWO. Why does it happen so fast? Time, you're such a thief! My little Roman has brought incredible love and joy to our lives and everyone he meets. He's blessed beyond words and I hope understands and appreciates it. Every day he learns something new and teaches me how to be the best mother I can be for him and baby Raine. He's a gift. Truly and undoubtedly, an amazing human with so manyโ€ฆ